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The world is changing, and executives and corporations both have evolving expectations. More than ever, the synergy between key employees and companies is paramount to success on both ends. The right executives in the right positions can make profits soar. And the wrong fit is costlier than ever.

Reinvented brings a holistic, contemporary methodology to recruitment. Our process is thorough, and is as much about personal fit as it is credentials. We are based in Singapore, and service all of Asia, Australia, and we have a prolific presence in the UAE as well.

Whether you are a professional looking for new opportunities, or a company looking for the right fit, we’d be happy to discuss your talent management and executive recruitment needs. Contact us here for a consultation

One Step Ahead

What we

On the surface, Reinvented operates within the executive search / executive recruitment space (commonly called “headhunting” or “headhunters”).

And as such, we fulfill a very necessary role – finding the perfect position for professionals, and finding the perfect candidate for companies.

However, it goes much deeper than that for us, and for our clients.  We are a boutique executive recruitment firm, and work on the premise that one great executive placement is worth ten “I guess it’s ok” placements.

We’re the people to contact when you have an important position to fill. We’re also the company to call when you’re a star, and you’re looking for the right fit for your talents and personality.

We’re about individuals – individual professionals, and individual positions – and we work very hard to ensure the perfect fit. It’s beyond corporate culture and typical personality profiles. We ask the right questions, listen carefully to the answers, and rely on years of professional experience, along with an acute understanding of modern corporate dynamics and employee motivators, to ensure the ideal placement. The business world is very different than it was even five years ago. Your executive recruitment firm should reflect that. At Reinvented, we do.

For Companies

It’s not as simple as matching skills to position requirements, is it? It’s also not as simple as an interview or two where everyone is on their best behavior and saying what they feel each other wants to hear. The right fit goes beyond who likes who in an interview. The right fit is a synergy between company, position, and individual. And when it works, it REALLY works. We’ll make it work for you. Contact us today and we’ll find you the ideal professional fit.

Our Main Sectors

Some of the Sectors we handle executive placement and talent management for include:

Banking & Finance

• Wealth Management Executives
• C-Suite/Senior Banking Executives
• High Level Management
• Corporate and Investment Bankers
• Insurance Professionals


• C-Suite/Senior Executives
• IT Management and Professionals
• AI Professionals
• Crypto/Blockchain Professionals
• Digital Technology Experts


• Doctors Across All Disciplines
• C-Suite/Senior Administrators
• Therapists and Related
• Professional Support Staff
• Hospital/Healthcare Executives

Social Entertainment and Arts

• Sports Executives
• Writers and Artists
• Marketing Professionals
• Audio/Video/Digital Professionals
• Broadcasting and Production

Let’s Talk Over a Cup of Coffee

Meet The Team

Nina Chee

Managing Director
Nina holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Accountancy from Suffolk University, Boston. After serving as a Financial Analyst and Accountant in the insurance, banking, and hotel management fields, she entered the recruitment world in 2009. Thanks to her 12-year talent management experience in financial sectors, Nina specializes in various banking divisions. She has worked with senior-level legal & compliance professionals, relationship managers, wealth planners, product specialists, investment advisors, and risk managers. She is known for providing industry-best advisory services to relationship managers regarding career options, protecting clients’ interests, product trend updates, investment solutions, and market intelligence across the region. Nina boasts an exceptional understanding of the nature of clients in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Australia, Greater China, and Japan. She is currently working on an assignment to build the SEA, North-Asia, GSA&NRI for selected banks expanding in the region.

Sam Ng

Corporate Communications
Samantha has completed her final year in receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Communications Studies at Nanyang Technology University. She has served as an intern at a few top advertising agencies and has been an exchange student in Korea. With an inquisitive mind, she is constantly seeking new opportunities to expand her horizons. She enjoys interacting with people and believes in open communication for a safe place to make mistakes and learn.

Harold Mendez

Business Partner ARTS
After rising as a baseball star in his 15+-year sports career, Harold transitioned his experience and knowledge to guiding underserved professional athletes both on and off the playing field. Backed with an undergraduate degree in International Business and a Jury’s Doctorate, he launched Estrella Management, LLC and worked with some of the world’s leading athletes, actors, musicians, and Fortune 500 companies. Harold also runs an educational program in the Dominican Republic that provides young, gifted, but often economically challenged youth with the opportunity to strengthen their educational skills and pursue higher educational opportunities around the world. Harold’s work includes discovering international talent, empowering people to achieve their highest potential, and exposing them to the entertainment world in Hollywood and worldwide.

Terence Tan

Healthcare Industry Advisor
Terrance is a primary care physician by training who strives to make quality healthcare accessible for everyone with the help of technology. Qualified and practiced in the UK, he has worked in different organizations, from NGOs to public hospitals, multinationals, and startups. He has also held several different positions, from junior physician to physician administrator, founder-entrepreneur, and senior management member. As the Medical Director for Ubie Inc., Terrance contributes to product and business development as well as overall clinical excellence.

Genie Sharni

Professional Image Consultant ARTS
Genie has been in the image consultancy industry for over 10 years. She started her professional makeup career in 2011 and won international competitions, such as Shu Umera in 2015. She was also recognized as one of the Top 100 Beauty Professionals in Singapore. Genie has worked with several local celebrities, including Sharon Au, Sheik Haikal, Shane Pow, Fandi Ahmad, Sheiryn Aisiqa, Haley, and Jayley Woo. She is also actively involved in TV broadcasting companies like Bloomberg TV and MediaCorp. As an Image Consultant Advisor, she caters to professionals seeking advice on grooming, current fashion trends, color coordination, and hairstyling. She also works closely with our Entertainment Talent Management team.

Sandeep Arora

Technology Advisor
Sandeep has 27 years of technology and banking experience with top-tier investment banks, including Lehman Brothers, Allianz, Morgan Stanley, and Citigroup. He spent approximately 14 years in algorithmic trading and prop trading. In 2015, Sandeep left the banking world to become an entrepreneur in AI machine learning, data science, and supply chain. He is also the Director of Sales at Trangile, a global technology consulting firm.

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